My Story

I became more acutely aware of the connection between gut health and how I felt overall back in January of 2011. I had just undergone a hysterectomy. After returning home from the hospital and getting back into my normal routine, I quickly discovered an itchy rash all over my body. Since I've primarily lived a holistic lifestyle for most of my adult life, I attributed this rash to the medications required for the surgery.

After questioning my less-than-willing-to-help physician about the cause of this new rash, I was quickly met with pills and creams that didn't work or knocked me out cold! Being a homeschooling mom of my 3 girls at the time, plus running a home-based medical transcription service with 35 employees, I needed to be awake and alert!

After MUCH research over the next year and eventually a saliva test, I finally discovered a connection. My body was desperately trying to talk to me and I didn't know how to listen! Gluten and dairy were suddenly and very unexpectedly NOT my friends. 

My family and I changed our diet dramatically and the itchy rash went away. It was then that I realized I wanted to help my friends and family and people like you who NEED answers, but might not know where to start. 

I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in May 2016 and serve clients all across the United States in my online programs and private coaching sessions.

Essential Oils

In August 2012, I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils and wellness supplements. I learned how to utilize these valuable tools to assist my body in finding balance. The oils can be great for supporting the body as well as the mind. The many homemade cleaning supplies I learned to make not only reduced the toxins I was exposed to, but I noticed that my hormone balance was also shifting to a more positive place.

Today, I teach my clients about the oils and supplements for their specific needs. It's fun finding combinations that work great and save money.



In my spare time...'ll find me on a softball field or our local indoor training facility watching one of my girls play or practice softball. It's a pastime that I look forward to every season. The photo to the right was a rare opportunity where my two younger girls got to play against each other. My youngest, Adli, is the catcher and my middle daughter, Aramy is batting here.

Aramy also struggles with her tummy. She presents me with new things to learn all the time. As an elite athlete, we have learned through our personal experience what foods fuel her best when she's playing. I'm grateful for the many opportunities I am given to learn and practice my craft of what foods work and what doesn't for not only my family, but for my clients, too.


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