Ebook: Reset Strategy


Need to reset your body, but aren’t sure how? Want to do a cleanse but have no idea what to eat? Don’t stress a second longer, I have you covered!

In this guide, you will receive simple instructions on how to use doTERRA wellness supplements and essential oils daily for foundational support. In addition, you will receive a 7-day meal plan for performing a gentle total-body cleanse using yummy whole food! Receive tips on preparing, recipes, and a simple guide to get through it easily. Don’t worry – no crazy ingredients! Lastly, incorporate clean, whole foods back into your lifestyle with another 7-day meal plan that you can customize and actually turn into a 30-day plan full of delicious food that is good for you! Get your Reset Strategy today and say goodbye to the confusion and hassle of cleansing!



Reset your body with a simple 2-week cleanse!

This strategy includes info on a doTERRA supplement and oil regimen for foundational support. You’ll receive 2 weeks of meal plans that you can repeat for as long as you wish. A typical weight loss of 5 pounds has been achieved by most people who do this 2-week program.


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