Ebook: Sports Nutrition: Fueling Your Student Athlete

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Learn how to fuel your student athlete for optimal athletic performance and stamina with this amazing eBook


This eBook is a valuable resource for any parent who has a student athlete. Youth sports can be rigorous and depleting to its athletes’ energy and stamina. This eBook will teach you how fuel your student athlete with the proper balance of nutrition to optimize their athletic performance and stamina everyday, but especially on Game Day!

3 reviews for Ebook: Sports Nutrition: Fueling Your Student Athlete

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amy G

    Want real advice from someone who’s been there? A person in the trenches, who has teens like yours and struggles as you do with feeding hungry , active kids who are on the go (and full of advice on how THEY know better than you)? Go ahead and do yourself a favor by picking up this book.

    Full of real, practical advice on food, actual needs of your student athlete and the desire we all have to get it all done in time to make the start of practice, Kresta manages to make it all come together and not only teach you how to do it again and again, but give you the tools to make it your own and tailored for each picky teen you have. As a mom of 3 active daughters myself, each with different dietary and food preferences, this book has given me the tools I needed to help educate my own teens as well as myself on what we need and WHEN we need it. Food is fuel.

    Thank you for making an affordable book I can easily read and refer to, even in the grocery store!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christy J.

    Providing your children with proper nutrition is hard to do when their activities pull them (and you) in all different directions. Kresta’s Sports Nutrition eBook gives you all of the tools to help you and your children plot a successful game plan on those non-stop busy days. She has the personal experience and knowledge and lays it out with easy to follow “Game Day Guidelines.”.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrea B.

    This colorful book provides a clear and conceise how-to guide for busy moms and dads on how to best take care of their student athletes! Rather than relying on processed, chemical-laden commercially available food that doesn’t serve our children’s best interest, Kresta’s book provides practical advice for nurturing our children’s bodies with the whole, natural foods they need to do and feel their best on game days and beyond!

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