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We all love food. Until it starts to fight with our digestive system and body. Figuring out what's wrong and furthermore what to eat instead can be time consuming and frustrating. I can help you simplify the process. We can strategize together to create meal plans that you and your family will love. Most importantly, your food will taste great and support your body so it thrives. Want more information? Work with me!

Gut Health

You know that health and wellness starts in the gut. But what do you do next? If you struggle with digestive, skin, joint, or other issues, chances are, you could use some gut health work! Let's chat about the right protocol for you. Get on the Belly Bliss Transformation wait list!


Essential Oils

Have you heard of essential oils? My guess is you have! Better yet, do you know how they can enhance your life? That's where I come in. From DIY remedies to household cleaners to weight loss tools, essential oils can be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle! The best part is they are effective, potent, and versatile saving you time and money! Want to learn more? Schedule a free strategy session.

Homemade Yogurt

Happy bellies love yogurt. The active cultures and probiotics help to keep the good bacteria thriving in our intestinal tract. But did you know that making your own can not only be simple, but extremely cost effective?

3 Foods to Help You Lose Weight, Naturally

If you’re like most of the women I support in my health coaching practice, you’ve likely been struggling to release excess weight for a while. Maybe you struggle with digestive issues, too...

And, you’ve likely tried all kinds of things that haven’t worked.


Kresta has such a great sense of character and an amazing way of connecting with others. Her positive energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She provides an open environment for sharing and makes you feel comfortable and confident even when speaking about various topics that one may find to be challenging. I personally find her style to fit everything that I need and sometimes even the things I don't know I need, through her words of encouragement and positive reinforcement. I truly appreciate her honesty, humility, integrity, humor and how real she speaks about her life and lessons learned. Crossing paths with Kresta could not have come at a better time in my life. My experience with her thus far has left me feeling empowered and inspired! I look forward to continuing my journey with Kresta as my coach and mentor.  - Allie P.

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About Me

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Essential Oil Educator. I work with people who struggle with digestion or excess weight. Together we create a new normal in the "real world". My clients don't feel deprived, but instead feel empowered and excited to live the life they were always meant to. I'm a busy mom who knows what it's like to have to feed busy kids. Healthy can taste amazing and I can show you how. Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation and let's chat.


My services include nutrition, weight loss, and gut health coaching. I also educate my clients on using essential oils for the purpose of reducing toxins, cleansing, and managing minor issues they may struggle with.

With meal planning tips and finding whole foods that taste great and fuel their body, my clients feel empowered to make healthier choices. Is it your turn?

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