DIY Recipe

Homemade Yogurt

Happy bellies love yogurt. The active cultures and probiotics help to keep the good bacteria thriving in our intestinal tract. But did you know that making your own can not only be simple, but extremely cost effective? Especially since most of it happens while you SLEEP! Let me show you how. My sweet hubby got…

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DIY Probiotics

This week, I have been playing a lot with probiotic-rich foods and drinks. I’ve had my very first sourdough starter going for a couple months now and have created things like pancakes and waffles, sourdough crackers, bread, and rolls with it. My husband was always in charge of sourdough before and his experience was limited…

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DIY Sleepy Roller

How well do you sleep at night? Do you struggle to fall asleep or have trouble falling back asleep if you do wake up? If you are like me, night time is when my brain kicks into full speed. I go to bed and¬†started asking myself things like, “did I remember to put the laundry…

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All Purpose Spray

I’m super sensitive to chemical scents and many household cleaning products. Knowing there are easy recipes all over the internet is really nice! Plus I end up saving a lot by making my own. This is a recipe I found and tweaked. I use it on hard surfaces and it smells amazing, so it doubles…

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DIY Hairspray

Have you ever paid much attention to the ingredients in conventional hairspray? Without aging myself too badly, I remember the days of Aqua Net and inhaling some crazy chemicals. When I figured out that I could make my own – chemical free, I was pretty excited, but more excited that my children wouldn’t have to…

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DIY Warrior Blend/Roller

This is a blend of essential oils that my family uses to support our bodies through seasonal threats. I love the way essential oils can do that. It really makes my heart happy to share this blend with others who need a little boost. This is made in an empty 15 mL essential oil bottle…

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